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Mosaic Pumpkin Pillow using Bernat Blanket Yarn

This pillow screams FALL!

I am so excited to share my Autumn pillow cover. I have been learning Overlay Mosaic Crochet and loving it, but I have never seen it done with big fat yarn before and I was just dying to make something cozy for the Fall season, so I got some Bernat Blanket Yarn in three colors, found myself a free pumpkin graph online (shout out to Juniper and Oaks for their original pumpkin chart) and then modified it for my own purposes and got to work. Its really just a rectangle with a pumpkin in the middle. It folds over the pillow and the two ends overlap in the back to form a kind of envelope so it can be removed for easy washing.

I plan to post more details on this blog for the pattern, but mostly I wanted to make the graph available for download for those of you who are following along on my video and also give you an easy way to pin it for later.

More details will be coming, but for now...

This is the link to the free video tutorial

And this is the downloadable Mosaic Pumpkin Chart we are using

If you have never tried Overlay Mosaic Crochet before, check out this blog first, it teaches all the basics. And there is also a video tutorial for that as well. The link is here or on the picture below.

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